Why you can send a gift using Send a Box, a brief history

Send a Box was born out frustration and a gap in the market, as is so often the case with new companies. One of our Co Founders was in need of a special gift to cheer up a friend who was having a tough time. She wanted to send a box full of lovely things but didn’t have the time to individually source them then post it. She came across the idea of a Sunshine Box full of yellow items to cheer up the recipient but the idea was mainly over in the US and any boxes she could find online were super expensive. Unfortunately thoughtfulness is often super expensive… Never be thoughtful...just kidding.

After discussing the dilemma further with three close friends an idea was hatched. To build a site that offered a simple, mobile-friendly gift sending platform that had a range of unique gifts from UK companies but with a price tag that didn’t make you wince.

Over the past year, the four Boxeteers (is it weird to make a Musketeers joke so early?) have learned so much and we wanted to start to share our experiences.  

We’ve had many ups and downs, starting a company is no piece of cake, especially in the gift giving industry. None of us had an e-commerce background and we had just started having kids, on top of that we were still working full-time. All our family and friends must have thought we were nuts, they probably still do. To start any business I think you must need a certain level of insanity but that is probably for another blog post.

We nearly didn’t manage to launch at all but we were incredibly lucky to be supported by a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and gained some early investors to get us started.  We cobbled together five themed boxes and started our journey. The first year was super tough, it certainly isn’t venture capitals, parties, explosions of growth. We didn’t get covered by any newspapers and we didn’t go viral. In fact, we had a lot of push backs, people loved our products but we just weren’t making the sales we needed. That is when it hit us, we had brewed up this amazing plan, created some strong branding and found some amazing products but we just weren’t targeting the right people.

So we went back to the drawing board and went to our roots. We made our boxes cheaper, focused more on our target audience then started small. Sending a gift is a tricky industry and it is packed full of companies. Send flowers, send toys, send fruit, send a hamper, send, well you get the picture. We had picked an ocean of noise to start a company in, with no prior experience. But we knew that we had great handmade, often local products in our boxes that at worst were UK brands and at best were local, handcrafted pieces. We knew there was a market for us, we just needed to find our small part of this noise and expand from there. So that is what we have started to do, and so far so good. We know there will be more bumps along the way and we are ready to meet those.

We are a small team that are passionate about sending gifts made by UK brands to loved ones across Great Britain and we are ready when you feel like using us. So if you’ve given this a read, take a look at our boxes, or build your own. Help us expand our little patch of gift giving ocean.

Thanks for reading

The Send a Box Team


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