Baby Box

Baby Box


Babies are everywhere and you never know what to get them. Clothes are a minefield, too big too small, not the right style. Is the mum breastfeeding, bottle feeding, who knows??? Well don’t panic we’ve got you covered with our Baby box.

Now, short of an unlimited supply of coffee plumbed into the house this box is the next best thing. Scratch Mitts for those naughty, grabby little hands, a gorgeous limited edition Fred & Noah muslin for all those messes (you can never have enough muslins, trust us), a grab bag for emergency changes and a bracelet for mum, just to remind her that she is awesome. Don’t spend hours over thinking your gift, grab this box and rest assured, we’ve overthought it for you.

As always our curated boxes are crafted by us, a family run team that puts time, effort and heart into thinking these things through so you don’t have to.

Take a look below for more details on what is in this box. Not quite right? No probs, just build your own here.

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What's in this box:

SCRATCH MITTS by Isla & Hoo - Handmade Scratch Mitts with a colourful unisex owl print. Designed with tiny hands in mind and ideal for stopping those little grabbing hands from scratching.

PRINTED MUSLIN by Fred & Noah - Large 100% cotton screen printed muslin with a unisex storm cloud print on two corners. An absolute necessity for new babies but with a super cool twist.

GRAB BAG by Becky Mantin - This cram packed Grab Bag includes a disposable changing mat, four 'Kinder by Nature' organic wipes, one sachet of 'Calendula' nappy change cream and a size two 'Naty' eco nappy (6-13lbs) all folded into a pocket sized pouch that can go in the bin once used. Great for any quick trips.

MAMA BRACELET by Down at the River - Sometimes being a Mama is hard work but it's the most incredible journey you will ever go on, so wear your title with pride. These handcrafted, bracelets are made with very strong elastic to help them last and would be a great addition to any box.