Coffee Box

Coffee Box


Need a little something for the coffee lover in your life? This caffeine fuelled selection will tick all the boxes.

Clever little coffee bags for a cup packed full of flavour with minimal fuss, two handcrafted blends of ground coffee for a tasty but relaxed cafetiere experience and, to mix things up, a chocolate covered coffee bean hit. 

Postage included.

Take a look below for what’s in this box.


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What's in this box:

'THE MANCUNIAN' BLEND - (125g) - A clean tasting Ethiopian bean roasted to sweet perfection. Blueberry, floral and chocolate. Ground for use in a cafetiere.

'THE SIGNATURE' BLEND (125g) - A Peruvian bean with dark chocolate notes and a fine body. Dark Chocolate & red fruit. Ground for use in a cafetiere.

CHOCOLATE COVERED COFFEE (25g) - What better way to combine chocolate and coffee. A sweet snack with a caffeine hit, the best of both worlds!

COFFEE BAGS - Lack of sleep calls for a super quick coffee fix. Pop one of these coffee bags in a mug with some hot water, squeeze and remove for fresh and tasty coffee that could have come straight out of a cafetiere. Two caffeinated and one decaf bag included.